julie ann godson


So many of the key events surrounding the Norman invasion of Anglo-Saxon England in 1066 took place in modern Oxfordshire that it seems worthwhile to round them all up into one little book. It was an event which changed the country forever. And from the birth of a prince to the formal surrender after the Battle of Hastings, Oxfordshire frequently provided the background for the board-room take-over which was the Norman Conquest of England. 

Enjoy a not-too-serious romp through the most tumultuous ever period of England's history.

I had intended to list this talk only until the actual 950th anniversary itself in October 2016, but it has created such a lot of interest that I am still taking bookings until further notice. To book a personal appearance, the details can be found here.

A richly-illustrated book is now available:

1066: Oxfordshire and the Norman Conquest – why it all started and finished in our county by Julie Ann Godson (ISBN 978-1786979223), is available on Amazon for £8.49.